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Medical Collection Services & Billing Information Management Based in Jacksonville, Florida


Operate your medical practice more efficiently with medical collection services and billing information management from Medical Billing Services, Inc., based in Jacksonville, Florida. Our medical billing services are charged by a percentage of the collection bases. With decades of experience, count on us to perform a better job than others.

Services Include:
• Maximum Collections
• On-Going Follow-up
• Improved Cash Flow
• Improved Office Productivity
• Optimal Fee Bases
• Lower Administrative Expense
• Information Management

Covering All Aspects

Our valued and trained long-term billing specialists enter accurate coding and submit claims correctly the first time. Accounts are followed from start to finish until final payment is received, and aged reports help billing specialist manage follow-ups.

Your insurance cash flow is improved through processing insurance claims daily to ensure timely payments. Additionally, leaving the billing to us improves your office productivity by giving doctors and staff the ability to concentrate on revenue-generating activities and better office services, such as appointment scheduling and treatment of patients.

Writing on Medical Documents, Billing Information Management in Jacksonville, FL

Optimal management fees are based on net payments collected to give maximum collection incentive to collect more with no cost to you, until funds are deposited into your account. Lower administrative expense is gained in eliminating costly turnover and training of billing personal, as well as saving on computers, software, maintenance, telephones, forms, and postage expenses. We also offer monthly reporting within three reporting days after close out of each month.

Call us at (888) 983-9075 in Jacksonville, Florida, for more details or to request comprehensive services.